CNMS is registered as a charitable organization under the Income Tax Act

Registration number:  85961 9165 RR0001

                    Some of the CNMS Board 2011

back: Ian Macmillan, Rob Spackman, Judy Halpern, Nira Sharma, Abhi Sharma

front:  Edith Bacon, Dybesh Regmi

video link: Ivan Somlai


Who are we?

We are a group of Canadian Nepalis and Friends of Nepal, concerned about the lack of health care facilities in much of rural Nepal.

In August 2005, a steering group was set up for for CNMS.  It has been a long road, but since then we have achieved charity registration, and formed a co-operative arrangement with PHeCT, a Nepali NGO in Kathmandu, for project management.

Our Mandate

We are committed to assisting villages in rural Nepal to acquire health care workers.  With village involvement and support, we will provide scholarships to train paramedics to return to their village to provide care where none may now exist.  The village is to participate in candidate selection and commit to post-training support.  With this model, we hope to foster a sense of local involvement and project ownership.


What have we done?

As of June 2009, we had raised enough funds to support one full two-year scholarship for paramedic training. We had our first candidate in training as of September 2009. In the spring of 2010 she completed her training and returned to her village, where she continues to work.  We have continued  to place students in school, and as of 2015, we have ten graduates who have  returned to their villages to provide health care services.

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