Our Students

Our Students


Since 2009, CNMS has been sponsoring young women in Nepal to become qualified paramedics in programmes such as Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) and Community Medical Assistant (CMA). A paramedic is a person trained to assist a health professional - such as a physician or nurse - and to give emergency medical treatment. A paramedic may also be a rural health care worker.


In 2018-2019 Nepal reorganized the training course for midwifery.  The programme is now a 3-year Bachelor course (Proficiency Certificate Level) in Nursing with an option to specialize in midwifery.  More information is here.


We are proud of the following graduates and current students sponsored through our generous donors.  Scroll through all of the candidates to date. You can also check for updates on the header. Please help improve rural health care in Nepal by donating to CNMS




 As responses to the COVID 19 pandemic change and governments relax mitigation measures, rural health care continues to be critical throughout Nepal. The impacts of the virus have been devastating, but through the efforts of CNMS and like-minded organizations adequate health care is  provided for the disadvantaged. Our record of training paramedics and their subsequent service  in  caring for isolated villages demonstrates an effective way to help those in need. Donate here.

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