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Sange Dolma July 2020
Sangay Dolma July 2020 Tashi
Sangay Dolma July ultrasound
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Prem Maya disabled class
Prem Maya and team Sermathang
Prem Maya and Nirmaya Sermathang clinic


Dr Roshan Chaudhary

Mina Shrestha

Dayamati Rajbanshi and Laxmi Rajbanshi

    In May 2020,  we heard from Fr. Boniface Tigga, former principal of Moran Memorial School with updates for Dayamati and Laxmi.  Both sent a short report            outlining their progress since graduating from CMA training in 2015.  Fr. Boniface was sure to point out that we should,

                  "know that your sponsorship helped them to come up in their life and they are living [a] life of dignity. Definitely, your

                  financial assistance has made a positive difference in their lives."

    Dayamati worked in two hospital facilities after graduation and is now working in a HIV AIDS project at the Lavkush Ashram.  Laxmi also graduated from the  

    CMA programme in 2014 and went on to complete her advanced high school education (+2). She spent 2 1/2 years working at hospitals in the Bhadrapur area.

    In October 2018 she was granted a visa through the EDV lottery for the USA where she awaits the reopening of schools. See their letters here: Dayamati Laxmi.


Prem Maya Tamang

In March 2017, Rob and Judy of the Board were fortunate to meet Prem Maya as she looked forward to finishing her ANM training courses. She subsequently wrote a letter expressing her gratitude to everyone who has helped her achieve her education goals. You can read her letter here.

In May 2017, Prem Maya completed her on-the-job training and on June 1st successfully completed her ANM training with plans to return to her home village of Thakani to help with the opening of a health clinic.

            In May 2020 we heard from her former headmaster that Prem Maya was privately employed in Kathmandu as a personal health care worker.

Kumari Maya Magar and  Samjhana Buda

Kumari is from a family of 7 - mother, father, 2 sisters and 2 brothers.  Her parents are farmers; however, they do not own land and their income is insufficient to support the family.

Samjhana is from a family of 13 - mother, father, 10 brothers and 2 sisters.  Her parents are also subsistence farmers.

Dayamati Rajbanshi and Laxmi Rajbanshi

Both Dayamati and Laxmi are from the tea plantation area of Eastern Nepal, near Bhadrapur, Maheshpur. This is an area where health care is minimal, and until recently education was almost non-existent for children of the plantation workers.  We are honoured to follow on the work of the Canadian Jesuits, who set up a school here, and now have some graduates.  More  from Dayamati and Laxmi below.

In April 2018, Rob and Judy of the Board were delighted to meet Mina Shrestha (left) and Som Maya Tamang (right) after their graduation ceremony.  They have both secured positions in their home neighbourhoods in the district of Sindhupaalchok. See below for photos of Mina at work

Mina Shrestha and Som Maya Tamang

Mina Shrestha working at her clinic in Dubuchaur, Sindhupaalchok, north-east of Kathmandu. She had a year's experience (1st photo)  before the COVID 19 virus struck.

Dr Roshan Chaudhary assisted Board member Dr Dybesh Regmi with medical camps in Sindhupaalchok, including at his home village of Thakani (left and second photos) immediately after the devastating 2015 earthquakes. He then completed his one-year internship for his MBBS in 2016 at the Nepalgunj Medical College. He concluded an 14-month posting at the Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital in Jorpati, Kathmandu in 2017 (second from right) and became a medical officer with the Ministry of Health and Population in October 2018.  As of March 2020 he is posted at Rajbiraj, near the Indian border, to help with battling the COVID19 virus (right photo).

Basundhara Thapa, Kumari Sunuwar and Ful Kumari Nepali

Dhana Maya Sherpuja

As of spring 2011, Dhana Maya has completed her programme as well as extra on-the-job training and has returned to her village, where funds have been donated to pay for her salary.

 In March 2012, Ian and Edith of the Board had the honour of meeting Dhana Maya in her village and seeing her at work. What a rewarding experience.

 Congratulations, Dhana Maya.

In March 2012 Ian and Edith of the Board had the privilege to meet these three students.

As of late 2012, Kumari (middle) and Ful Kumari (right) had completed their studies with extra on-the-job training and returned to their respective villages to work.

As of August 2013, Basundhara (left) finished her courses with excellent grades and has returned to a health post in her village.

Prem Maya Tamang

IIn May 2021, in response to the severe shortage of oxygen and vaccines, Prem Maya and another Health Assistant from nearby Talamarang, moved up to Sermathang in Helambhu, Sindupalchowk. With assistance from HEAL Nepal, they will open a small clinic to help the surrounding rural area deal with COVID 19. Two photos show Prem Maya and her team ready to welcome patients to the clinic.

We recently heard from Prem Maya. This is a photo from 2019. She has been working with differently-abled students in Sindhupalchowk.

Dr. Bharat Pradhan, a PHeCT Nepal Founder

Dr. Bharat Pradhan (right) former Minister of Health for Nepal was instrumental in creating PHeCT Nepal, our partner in Nepal. He is shown recently with good friend and colleague,  Ivan Somlai of the CNMS Board.

 At this time of the COVID 19 pandemic, it is especially critical that health care is available    throughout Nepal, particularly in the rural areas we serve. The impacts of the virus will be far  reaching and continue for the next few years. Please help us ensure that adequate health care is  provided for the disadvantaged. Our record of training paramedics and their subsequent service  in  caring for isolated villages demonstrates an effective way to help those in need. Donate here.

 Report from Tashi of HEAL Nepal: In July 2020, I went to Nepal Cancer Care Foundation at Lalitpur where Sangey Dolma, a November 2018 graduate of CNMS, is working as nursing staff. This is the center, where they do free screening for cervical cancer consultation, pelvic examination, visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA), Colposcopy and so on... I am very pleased to inform you that she is working even during this period of pandemic. I delivered donated medical packages to encourage her, and also met her senior doctors. They were very happy to have her on staff

Sangay Dolma Lama

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